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Pass your driving Test with Danny Reid Dublin Driving Instructor TestimonialsJamie Fox Passed his Driving Test with Dublin Driving Instuctor Danny Reid

Pass your driving Test with Danny Reid Dublin Driving Instructor TestimonialsPeter English Passed his Driving Test with Dublin Driving Instuctor Danny Reid

Pass your driving Test with Danny Reid Dublin Driving Instructor TestimonialsSara Flynn Passed his Driving Test with Dublin Driving Instuctor Danny Reid

Danny Reid (Driving Instructor Dublin Central & West)

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  • Excellent Pass Rates. Get Results from a Local, Experienced and Friendly Instructor . Excellent Pass Rates for the Tallaght, Finglas, Rathgar, Churchtown, Raheny Test Centres with Patient and Successful Instructors 

Services: Driving Lessons Dublin

Driving Test Centres: Tallaght, Finglas, Rathgar, Churchtown, Raheny Test Centres
E-mail: Danny@leinsterschoolofmotoring.ie
Phone: 087 779 9920

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  • Learners – Get Started! Pre EDT Driving Lessons
  • EDT 12 Driving Lesson Program
  • Cars and Light Vans Lessons Offered
  • Pre Test Preparation & Lessons
  • Automatic & Manual
  • Car Hire for Driving Tests Available


  • Monday – Saturday Driving Lessons Available
  • Daytime & Evening Lessons to work around your Schedule
  • Bank Holidays & Sunday Lessons book up in advance.
  • 1 Hour & 2 Hour Lessons Offered


  • Areas: Lessons are given throughout Dublin West and Dublin Central.
  • Test Centres Covered: Tallaght, Finglas, Rathgar, Churchtown, Raheny Test Centres
  • Pre Test Lessons take place around Tallaght, Finglas, Rathgar, Churchtown, Raheny given that this is the test locations.

Vehicle Categories: Category B Car and Light Van

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Exclusive Tips from Danny Reid, Dublin Driving Instructor with Leinster School of Motoring.ie

Top Tips from Danny, our Dublin Driving Instructor

(1)   Use your G,O,S,H. routine when moving off from a parked position and  glance over your shoulder just before moving off.

(2)   Maintain your T.O.T.s when queuing in traffic and check both door mirrors before moving up in the queue.

(3)    After performing your M,S,m,M. and just before turning at junctions,                                  Look Once, Think Bike, Look Twice.

Common Questions from our Learner Drivers

Q1 At cruising speeds what are the combinations of brake and gears to achieve Progressive Braking in the long, medium and short notice times?

A1.  LONG  NOTICE=First commence deceleration, then select Gear 3 to influence the rate of deceleration, apply brakes to control the rate of speed on approach, followed by clutch before stall, continue braking to stop point.

MEDIUM  NOTICE= Apply brakes first, then select Gear 3 but continue  brake application to control the rate of speed on approach followed by clutch before stall continue braking to stop point.

SHORT NOTICE= Apply brakes, continue braking without gear selection apply clutch before stall continue braking to stop point, stop in the cruising gear.

Q2  How to bring the car to a stop without jerking the passenger forward.

A2   By using the brakes to bring the car to a stop the forward momentum pushes the vehicle and occupants forward beyond the point of the stop. As the pressure on the brake pedal is applied and increased to the stopping point the momentum builds up but can be gently lost  by softly releasing the pressure on the pedal just before the car stops.


Q3 Once clutch control has been practiced and achieved why then is stalling at traffic lights occurring.

A3  The early stages of clutch control still requires the thinking process, this sub-skill  has not yet transferred over to muscle memory, until this happens the thinking process is not completely free to deal with other tasks. Learner drivers finding themselves at busy junctions become apprehensive about delaying other drivers, and having to think through all the tasks at hand are prone to input overload. In these situations the thinking process becomes unable to perform all the tasks required, it becomes distracted from the mechanical aspect of moving off and coupled with the urge to go without delay can overlook the combination of gas/clutch application resulting in a stall. Recovery from the stall is achieved because the brain focuses on that particular problem.



Danny Reid (Dublin) Tel: 087 779 9920

Danny Reid

A Driving Instructor Dublin Learners Can Count On

Are you looking for a driving instructor in the Dublin area? For both individual driving lessons and Essential Driver Training, Dublin based instructor Danny Reid is just a phone call away. Danny is an RSA approved and registered driving instructor in Dublin (Registration Number 36386) and has been teaching road safety and driving technique for ten years.

He offers his students an informal and relaxed learning environment, and lessons that are structured around the Essential Driver Training syllabus with clear learning objectives. These learning objectives cover every aspect of road safety and driving technique to prepare students for their driving test. Dublin learners will benefit from a driving instructor that understands the unique demands of the Dublin city driver, and will come away from their lessons feeling road ready and confident in their new driving skills.

Driving Lessons Pricing for Dublin Students

Pay as You Go:

Standard 1 hour lesson €35

Standard 2 hour lesson €70 €50 (save €20)

Introductory offer for Essential Driver Training in Dublin

Take your first one hour lesson for only €20 and complete your 12 EDT lessons for as little as €30 each. Call Danny at 087 779 9920 for more details.

2 Hour Pre-Test Lesson for Dublin Learners

Need to brush up on your knowledge and technique before taking the driving test in Dublin? This 2 hour pre-test lesson will be conducted in your vehicle, on an actual test route in Dublin, and will focus on the following:

  1. Your knowledge of the highway-code and ability to interpret road signage.
  2. You’re overall driving ability, your mechanical skills and understanding of the vehicle, and safe sharing of the road with others.
  3. Technical checks of the vehicle.
  4. Manoeuvres, hill start, turnabout and corner reversing.
  5. Practice how to perform the test manoeuvres correctly and the type of driving the examiner will expect.

After completing the pre-test lesson, you will receive a detailed report on your test simulation, all possible test questions and answers, a detailed explanation of the driving test report form and the vehicle technical checks.