Join the Team – Become a Driving Instructor with us


Interested in becoming a franchisee?

After studying the Driving Instructor Industry over the years and also with the advent of “Initial Basic Training” to be introduced from 04 April 2011, we at “Leinster School of Motoring”have come up with the most cost effective yet efficient way of increasing the volume of students coming to your business via the WEB.

Why us?

  1. We differ from other organisations because we are active Driving Instructors working on behalf of other Driving Instructors.
  2. The bigger the brand becomes, not only does it generate more business for you the driving instructor, but this in turn generates more awareness of our brand.
  3. We don’t believe in charging referral fees or commission for work you have carried out. Your complete profile will be on our website with all your contact details, we also provide you with a personal e-mail address. The student contacts you directly. So anything you earn is yours.
  4. We ourselves are instructors; we will give advice, guidance and share our experience with you to help fast track your career.

What we do?

We have one of the most advanced websites available and through this we have created the brand “Leinster School of Motoring” which is now the largest Independent driving school in Leinster. Together with our profile on the web and eye catching design of our fleet of cars we are becoming the Number 1 choice for people learning to drive and pass their test first time.

“Leinster School of Motoring” now operates in counties Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Laois, Louth, Meath, Kilkenny, Wexford and Wicklow.

Are we for you?

We are very selective about the type of instructor we want to bring to “Leinster School of Motoring” so we can provide people with the best learning experience when it comes to driving and passing their test. We believe that all instructors should be representatives for “Leinster School of Motoring” and therefore we only select what we know from experience will be good candidates for our organisation. We would gladly meet with all potential driving instructors to offer further information.

Current ADI’s

We have all tried the usual methods of advertising, Newspapers, Leaflet Drops and leaving business cards everywhere but the way forward is to be immediately identifiable and to have a strong presence on the web. This is where “Leinster School of Motoring” comes in. As a collective group of instructors advertising through the same median we will become first choice when people search for driving lessons on-line, our existing fleet is also becoming an everyday sight on the road.

Newly Qualified ADI’s

Everyone has to start out somewhere. We understand how difficult it is to set up your new business. With “Leinster School of Motoring” you will have an immediate presence on the web. We are available to answer your questions and provide any help you may require. You are most welcome to sit in on lessons /pre tests with our experienced advanced instructors to gain that vital experience necessary.

Charges Etc

There is a weekly fee associated with the costs involved in advertising and promoting your business on the web. The Branding of “Leinster School of Motoring” is very important to us. Your car will be required to carry the brand “Leinster School of Motoring” but all your contact details will be on the car.

Each Week you will be required to pay a set fee. This fee will not be subject to any increase or decrease even if your volume of work increases dramatically over the term of your contract.

If you have any further questions please e-mail